New Face. New Name

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Alrighty folks.

As you can see, I not only changed the colors and face of my blog, I gave it a new name.

Why? Why would I go through so much trouble even when Blogger warned me that changing my website name and URL would cause internet chaos?

This is apparently the internet equivalent of dividing by zero. 


Because when I first started writing my blog I did it for fun and I needed a name (and a URL) before I could even begin writing. So I tried simple things and they were already taken.


And taken.

So I had Netflix on and The Seven Year Itch was on the suggestions line and I chose it. I chose it because it was easy and convenient and I never thought I would end up liking blogging so much or that I'd ever get a handful of readers.  I thought it fit since I do love movies and I do love old vintagey things but now...

It doesn't and probably never did.

I may be a bitch sometimes but I'm also a lot more. And I didn't want to be associated by name (or internet-persona) as someone who complains and complains and does nothing else because that's not fair to me or to the women population in general.

Yes, I rant and I complain but I also love bright colors, owls, and sunflowers. I love laughing and sometimes I even read news articles.

Phillipe Glade 

I struggled with whether or not to change my blog name for a while. I looked at some of the blogs I follow and for them their names fit but they also had gimmicks. They cook every Thursday and post baby pictures every Sunday.

I don't do anything...ANYTHING, on a regular schedule. (Except work I guess). So that whole gimmicky name selection was out. And I'm okay with that because I am not a mommy blogger. I am not a complete vintage blogger. Nor a DIY or crafty one.

I get bored easily and love switching from one project to another. I hardly ever finish anything that I start. So my blog and my trying to be like the other blogs just wasn't working out.

So I made a list of adjectives to describe myself and put these two together because I think they define me an abstract-not-really-understanding way.

Sometimes I will bitch about things that I hate. Sometimes I will post pictures of the food I cooked or baked. And sometimes I will post pictures of my life. With no particular rhyme or reason. I will post what I post when I feel like it and when I don't...I won't.

But you can expect to see an eclectic, crazy mix of all kinds of things because I, Valerie Darling am Indecisively Restless.

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