Identity Crisis

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Once again I'm thinking of redesigning my blog. I so want it to be easy on the eyes, minimal, and cohesive but I just can't seem to find something I like.

I have an entirely new appreciation for designers. From taking nothing and making it visually interesting while simultaneously explaining what the company is about in a few logo design strokes...that is crazy impressive.

And then of course there's the name. I like being The Seven Year Bitch and yet I can't seem to meld my love of bright colors, owls, and Wordgirl to what Google images thinks "bitch" is.

Now don't get me wrong I can definitely be a bitch but my overall visual personality does not scream it. Hence the many incarnations over the past month of the blog and the logo.

I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to things like this. Does it matter if I only have one reader? Nope. I want that one reader to think my blog is the best it can possibly be. I want them to know that I put time, effort, and thought into it.

It doesn't help that I am also constantly comparing my blog to other more famous blogs that generate enough income for them to hire real designers and webmasters and whatever else is needed. Here I am trying to do it all on my own having virtually no knowledge of any of it and then going and comparing my blog to theirs.

Look at her blog! It's so bright and cute and her name fits! --His blog completely compliments his posts and his entries! Why can't I do that?

It's really not fair and yet I don't care. I still want my blog to be awesome.

So, just a heads up on all the changes going on. I'm sure one day I'll figure out something I like.

Then again knowing me, my blog might constantly be in the midst of an ever-changing template.

Of course, rebranding and reimagining isn't all bad. Here are some logos that have been redone over the years.

*All images came from this website.

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