Why I Like Google+

Friday, August 02, 2013

Facebook is the number one social media site. Everybody and their mother has one. I have one and I use it like everyone else. I don't absolutely hate it but I've really been swayed to the G+ crowd.

Here are just some of the things I like about my experience using G+:

  1. The Feeling of Community
    I have maybe five people I actually know in real life in my Google+ circles but I never interact with them because they don't like it. "It's like Facebook but worse, uglier, not as cool," they say. I admit that if you only have people you know in your circles - and they like my friends are never on it - your G+ experience will suck. There is nothing to see or learn when no one is helping in the experience. If you branch out, start to circle friends from different communities you will see a drastic change in your homepage.
  2. The Communities

    Google+ has communities much like Facebook "Fan" pages. But unlike Facebook it's easy to see and take part in their conversations. What's even more fun is that people respond back to you! Not just the post itself. You are able to have back and forth discussions with people you've never met. Also, for the most part I've never seen any one take sinister advantage of that.

  3. The Friends You Make
    As I said circling people can seem kind of scary at first, but after a while you all start to form a camaraderie. G+ people just seem more interested in what you have to say.
  4. It's More Intuitive
    With Facebook's privacy policies always getting called out, it's easy to manage on G+. When you post something it lets you share it with: Public, Private, or certain circles. It makes you tailor your experiences for others while also sharing what other people will be interested in. For example if you have a circle of friends that love computer things, you can post only to them so that the other people you are friends with will not get bogged down with your crazy obsession.
  5. The Home Page is Photo-Centric
    Google+ takes the pretty and makes it better by making some pictures bigger and others smaller. At first it's weird to see but eventually you learn to like the fact that the bigger pictures are trending and the smaller ones are still visible even without having to click to enlarge.
  6. G+ Connects with Maps & Reviews
    Checking in with G+ and reviewing places is so much easier when you only have one profile to go to.
  7. Hashtags & Hashtag Scanning
    Google+ does run on trending hashtags. But if you're forgetful like I am it will scan your post and add a relevant hashtag to it. If you don't want it, simply click the X and it's gone.

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