I Love Wordgirl

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Love Wordgirl

Have you ever heard of the cutest vocabulary teaching superhero?

Her name is Becky Botsford but when she goes undercover she dons her salmon suit and yellow cape to become WORDGIRL.

Wordgirl has super abilities. Saving the town from super villains while simultaneously teaching them the proper way to use words.

Wordgirl is my hero.

If I had been younger when this show first came out, I'd have been watching 30 minutes of entertaining educational TV. As it is, I've found it now in my 20s and I'm completely obsessed.

Wordgirl is the cutest, smartest, funniest, childhood superhero ever. The villains are hilarious and hilariously named. Like Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy (voiced by Fred Stoller) who, you guessed it, always has a sandwich in his evil plot.

Or Whammer (voiced by John C McGinley) who is bested in one episode by a Chinese finger trap.

The educational part comes in the vocabulary of each episode. They focus on two words for you to learn the meaning and the proper use of. These words aren't "dog" and "cat" though. They are words like "doppelganger" and "vegetarian".

The great thing, for me anyway, is the fact that the show doesn't try to shove too many words down your brain. They give you two, repeat the word and the meaning a few times and that's it. You're left to enjoy the satirical hilarity of the episode.

As with any superhero, Wordgirl has a trusty sidekick in her pet monkey, Captain Huggyface. He always helps Wordgirl fight crime and in between the episodes he'll enact a word of the narrator's choosing.

I have seen quite a few episodes and I absolutely love them. With the myriad of voices it seems that adults in Hollywood love it as well. Weird Al, Kristen Schaal, Amy Sedaris, Jim Gaffigan, Jeffrey Tambor, and Patton Oswalt are just a few names that voice their talents in the show.

As for me, are you kidding? A cute, little brown vocab superhero? I want to BE her.

If you haven't seen Wordgirl yet you can check out some episodes online or watch it with your kids (or by yourself like I do) on PBS. You have to watch it though you'll love her.

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