Once Upon a Time

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Once Upon a Time (2011)
Created by: Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis
Starring: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Robert Carlyle, & more.

I finished the first season of Once Upon a Time on Friday and wow was it better than I expected! I did not think there was a single boring episode. That is pretty incredible for a first season. I only hope this doesn't turn into another Heroes fiasco.

RIP Heroes. You had such potential. 

Once Upon a Time is told in two different sort-of-parallel storylines. Basically a whole bunch of fairy tale characters are trapped in our realm and can't remember their past lives where they lived in Fairy Tale Land (for the lack of a better name). A boy named Henry (Jared Gilmore), adopted by Regina Mills the current city's Mayor (Lana Parrilla), is convinced that his birth mother Emma (Jennifer Morrison) can break the spell that is cast onto everyone in the entire city. Of course no one really believes Henry but soon things start happening in the tiny town.

If that sounds complicated it really isn't. I was actually thinking that the whole premise would get old in an episode or two but it doesn't. The reason? The backstory of each character.

Each episode focuses on a different character. You get to glimpse into their past fairy tale lives and you get to compare that to who they are in this reality.

This is seriously what makes the series; the way they show you Fairy Tale land. Some of the cast of characters include: Snow White, Prince Charming, Belle, the Mad Hatter, and Rumplestiltskin.

There are some familiar elements in each character's back-story but they are all given a little twist. For example - Jiminy Cricket. He used to be a man and it's not important how he became a cricket but why.

If you think you know how tragic your favorite fairy tale characters are in our understanding, Once Upon a Time gives them even more tragedy. But they do it in a great way. Your once superficial princesses and princes get dimensions. Even the evil witches are better understood within the series. You realize that they have strengths and weaknesses. And another plus is that Once Upon a Time doesn't follow the whole come-save-me-my-nail-is-going-to-break archetype. These women kicks ass!

If you haven't seen Once Upon a Time I suggest you get on that. Quick! If you aren't hooked by the first episode then there is something wrong with you and you can go back to watching Toddlers and Tiaras.

I give it 5 out of 5 popcorn.

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