Bitchin' About: Rude Shoppers

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On Sunday, John and I went to the outlet mall in San Marcos. I bought things (a dress, some polka dot shorts) so it was fun but man did it seem to be a lot more trouble than it was worth. There were rude shoppers everywhere! EVERYWHERE!

There are many different kind of rude shoppers, but they all get on my nerves. Mainly because I can't understand how they don't see what they're doing is rude. There are certain common courtesies that should be followed when out in public; things like holding the door open for the person behind you, walking on the right side of the sidewalk, etc.

I'm talking to you- Yeah, you! You, Lazy Shopper who drops something on the floor and can't be bothered to pick it up. What? Is it too heavy for you? Should you not be lifting heavy things? I can't imagine that the see-through shirt you picked up in a size two-sizes-too-small is that heavy. But hey! Maybe you know something I don't. Like how after it's been on the floor for hours, trampled by other rude, lazy people the price goes up because it then becomes vintage. Or you can put it in the cleaning aisle as a Designer Label Swiffer.

I'm also talking to the Stop-Shoppers. You know who they are. They are the people who cannot do two things at once: like talk on the phone and walk, or think and walk. They get a call on their cellphone and suddenly walking and talking becomes too complicated so they STOP! dead. Right there. Right wherever they were when the phone rang. Usually the phone rings and they pick it up in the worst places imaginable - like in front of the only door into and out of the store. Or in front of the dressing rooms. But hey, Stop Shopper, don't worry. I stopped just as quickly as you did so that I wouldn't step on your Achilles heel (no matter how much I wanted to). Oh no, I have nothing to do. I absolutely love waiting behind you while you continue to discuss the pros and cons of Subway vs Jason's Deli. Oh, the people behind me? No, no, they have nowhere to be either. Our world stops turning when yours does; don't worry, we have all day.

Lastly, I'm talking to the Worn Out Parent Shoppers. I know that you have been dragging your children around all day because they need new clothes for school and yet they don't seem to fit into any reasonable size. I know that they want every toy in every window and you have no money to buy it all. I understand that they think shopping is the most boring thing in the world and so after a while you let them do whatever they want. I'm sorry, but that is just not acceptable. I hate seeing kids playing with toys still in packages that are now torn or worn out. I'm not sure if you're aware but after a toy breaks that store cannot sell it anymore. If I ran a store, I'd make you pay for it, pointing to a sign that says "You Break, You Buy" because that saying goes for more than just overly expensive crystal plates. The toy, now broken, cannot be sold. It's more than rude to just let you kids have free reign over the place. I seriously doubt you'd let them act that way at a friend's house so why do you let them act that way in public? And yes, I completely understand that they are children and they don't know any better, but guess what, you are older than them. You are their parents and therefore if you see it happening it should be up to you to tell them that it's not their toy to play with.

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