John's Birthday Week

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last Wednesday John turned the big 2-5. He's sooooo old now. I like to give gifts in themes; this year's birthday theme was Superman.

I made this. Apparently his head is too big. Lesson Learned: Don't give art to an artist. 

Because his birthday fell in the middle of the week we didn't do anything big then, but instead waited until Friday night to party with friends.

So even though we were waiting until Friday, on Wednesday we went to Revolution Room/Leon Bar. They just got a new (at least new to us) outdoor patio deck. There they had a singer/songwriter doing originals and covers.

There we bought some tasty, amazing, delicious dry rub wings from Wayne's Wings food truck. I had never had them before but oh my glob they were amazing. We drank some beer, pondered over the fact that we're always awkward in public, then went home.

Thursday night we had planned on going to Tucker's because we heard that they play jazz sometimes but it was dead by the time I got out of work. Instead we drove through downtown and stopped at some murals where I took street art pictures.

Friday night John invited his friends over. Even though our apartment is tiny it was a lot of fun. Even though parties (especially ones in small spaces) can freak me out I didn't feel that since all of John's friends are awesome.

Saturday we were supposed to go to the beach but our plans fell through. Which to be honest wasn't too bad as I woke up Saturday completely late and hungover. After waking we went to get some barbacoa, watched some Breaking Bad making sure to leave the curtains closed and the lights off. At night we went ended up going to see Turbo.

Sunday started off slow and lazy. Then, after some new-found energy we went to the San Marcos outlets to go shopping. I love shopping! I bought a dress and some polka dot shorts. (I am crazy obsessed with polka dots). John got some stuff too so it ended up being a fun, productive day. For dinner we ended up at his cousins who made him wear this awesome hat.

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