Living Together

Thursday, July 11, 2013

John and I have been living together for about six months. I went over to his apartment one night and basically only left to pick up new clothes and do laundry. In May, he moved into my apartment and it's been just the two of us ever since. I know that it hasn't been very long but I already have a few things to say on the whole living-together-thing.

Firstly I have to say that I am a very lucky person. I am completely and totally flattered that he would be sure enough of me to move in, in the first place. I mean, he would have to see me first thing in the morning, right after work, when I'm hungry and cranky or wearing my fat pants. (Fat pants are pants I wear when I'm feeling fat, they are not a description of the pants themselves.) John had a roommate but he had never lived with any of his past girlfriends so he would have a lot more to get used to and a lot more to lose if the whole thing didn't work out.

We talked (and still talk) about how fast and crazy it was for us to start living together. Especially because I really like my alone time. Tons of questions raced through my head about the arrangement. Would I get tired of him? Would he get tired of me? Would he be able to get used to the fact that I tend to impulse buy anything pink, cute, or with an owl? Would he expect me to pick up after myself EVERYDAY? Would he dump me after realizing that night after night I stole all the blankets and ended up over 80% of the bed? The thoughts were there but the wanting I had for him to actually be a big part in my life was stronger.

Because no bed is ever big enough.

So...we talked about it and he packed up his stuff and moved it all into my tiny apartment. The tiny apartment then halved in size making it super-tiny with both of our stuff everywhere. But we did some Goodwill-ing and furniture moving and everything mostly has a place now. Or at least a pile.

There were a few kinks to work out in the beginning. One time he tidied and picked up after me while I was at work. I am a very messy person but I always know where everything is. So when I needed something that I KNEW was on the floor by the couch but couldn't find anything but carpet and a coffee table I was very, very confused. I scoured the entire house looking for it only to have him pull it out of the closet because of course it was the most logical place for my jeans to be.

Pretty sure I had this book when I was younger. But I don't think it stuck. 

There were other things to get used to also like making space in the closet for him or having to cook food for two and then wash the dishes afterward. These things are small things that we've learned to deal with. The bigger things like money we're still trying to get the hang of but I think our progress is pretty damn impressive.

Making the decision to live with someone is a huge one and there is a lot that you have to get used to when it comes to making space in your life (and your closet) for someone else but I absolutely love the fact that he's always there. I love being able to come home and watch Netflix with him on the couch and even the fact that he has to set his alarm super early to go to work doesn't bother me because he kisses me goodbye before leaving.

It might have been quick and crazy but it is one of the better decisions I've made in my life -- right up there with the time I decided to wear shorts under that dress that was too short.

Because I cannot pull off something like that. Via

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