Eye Feast #5 - Dexter

Friday, September 27, 2013

2006 - 2013
Based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay.

*I have yet to see the last two seasons; please no spoilers.*

There are so few TV shows that capture my attention as fast as Dexter did. The entire first season is something that I still reel about because it was intense, dark, different, and made me feel emotions I had hardly ever felt in a TV show.

You are at once both scared of, and impressed by, Dexter Morgan. His ability to murder the most unsavory of characters in the Miami metro area while simultaneously helping to catch those of the same breed leaves you wondering just whose side you're on.

The duality of the human psyche is one that I don't think is expressed as adequately as it could be in many TV shows. Then, Dexter comes around and you just can't tell if he is a good guy or a bad guy.

I absolutely love his sister Deb. I think it's about time there's a woman character who is smart, brave, sexy, independent, and swears like a sailor. She gets into some really weird relationships that I can't help but question but nevertheless she gets her shit done and loves almost every minute of it.

Masuka. Oh Masuka. There is hardly a more lovable creepy perv on TV. I think his jokes, though offensive, are hilarious.

In this show there is very little black and white especially when it comes to the main villains in the series.

The Ice Truck Killer

The Trinity Killer. John Lithgow in what is probably my favorite role for him. 

I also like the way Dexter incorporates Cuban life into its show, from the music to the actors. I know that Miami is known for that, but it would have been so easy for them to just bypass it all. There are so many TV shows and movies that have nothing but white people and with Dexter, all the little cultural extras just make it that much more realistic.

Dexter as a whole really got me thinking about what good crime/drama TV shows could be - if they just put a little more effort into it. I cannot wait to finish the series.

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