R U Virgin?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yesterday I got messaged from someone I didn't know. I had added them because we had two mutual friends in common.

He told me "Hi" and that I was beautiful. I told him "Thank you." I asked him then if I knew him as I didn't really know what else to talk about.

He said that we didn't know each other and he was from India.

After a few minutes of silence he asked if I was a virgin.


I told him to not talk to me again.

Before I could figure out the complicated way to block someone on Facebook (I mean Jesus! It's the easiest thing in the world to FRIEND someone but the BLOCK CREEPY PERV button is hidden in menus.) he whined and tried to show me a video of NYC.

I told him to stop talking to me. As if looking at vedeoo of NYC would change my mind about him.

I guess I hurt his ego or something so he then preceded to tell me to fuck off.

Wowee mister -- Your love is fleeting.

I have some questions.

First, who the hell asks someone that?! Especially after only minutes of interacting with them?

Men do some crazy things to show they are into women. (Granted so do women.) Some, like buying a drink or having a conversation, are examples of good getting-to-know-you tactics.

Things like wolf-whistling, trying to sexy dance on you, or asking your sexual history...are not.

They are gross, base, and completely degrading.

What men in their right mind thinks, "Wow. That girl sure is attractive. I wish she would look over at me ogling her. Maybe if I whistle at her, like a dog, her animal instincts will take over and we can sniff each other's butts."


Why would any respectable woman go up to you, be interested in you, after you've acted like a complete dick? Is it really that hard to try? Why do you think that creeping them is sexy? That is not sexy. Whistling at them like animals is not sexy. Getting behind them at clubs and rubbing your man junk on them without permission is not sexy.

You are humans. You are men. Act like you have an fbang brain.

What crazy thing goes through your mind to ask a woman you barely know her sexual history? Then, when she (rightly) disses you, you insult her by throwing a tantrum and saying "whatever you're not a virgin anyway".

Hey, guess what. Not being a virgin isn't an insult. I don't think that people who have sex before marriage are horrible, slutty creatures. If you want to do it, do it. If you want to wait, wait.

But don't you dare try to insult me simply because I'm not your ideal. That is your problem. Not mine. Don't you dare try to come at me and say that the way I've lived my life is wrong and I should be ashamed. I have nothing on that front to be ashamed of.

You, kind sir, on the other hand are a complete embarrassment to yourself. You can sure as hell be ashamed of your behavior.

Grow the fuck up. Learn to treat a lady with respect and maybe, just maybe, you'll get more than a blocked Facebook.

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