Eye Feast #4 - How I Met Your Mother

Monday, September 30, 2013

How I Met Your Mother
2005 - 2013
Created by: Carter Bays, Craig Thomas

In all the history of TV I don't think I've ever loved a couple as much as I love Lily and Marshall.

They are the perfect couple. They laugh, joke, drink, and genuinely love hanging out with each other.

I love Neil Patrick Harris. I love him more when he plays Barney, a straight man-slut...

Who ends up falling in love with his best friend.

I love Robin. I love how tough and Canadian she is.

And of course, Ted Mosby. Sometimes he really, really gets on my nerves. But I still have to love him because without him, the rest of the gang wouldn't be together and the show wouldn't exist.

I never thought about this. But yeah, it's true. 

How I Met Your Mother is more than a show about how this one guy finds his love. It's one of the greatest, funniest stories of friendship and how friends become your family. I wish that I was part of this gang because no matter how old they get, or what life changes they go through you know that they'll be together forever.

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