Eye Feast #8 - I Love Lucy

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Love Lucy

I have watched I Love Lucy all my life. Both my grandma and my mum love it. Now, so do I. it doesn't even matter that this show was filmed in the 50s. The shenanigans that Lucy and Ethel get into makes me laugh, even today, even when I've already seen the episode.

Her comedy is so funny and insane and yet she is so lovable that you can't help but watch her drag Ethel into things and see how she tries to get herself out of them.

I'm not alone on this thought either. I Love Lucy was rated the #2 show of all time by TV Guide (Seinfeld was #1).

Things I love about I Love Lucy:

Her clothes. I mean, are you kidding me? She has the best clothes. I love 50s dresses.

Her love of chocolate.

Her cooking skills.

Her health consciousness.

Her Ricky. I know that in real life he was kind of an ass and they ended up getting divorced but in the show he stayed with her even after all the crazy things she did.

Her best friends. They were always there ready to dress up in whatever costume she needed them too.

Her one-liners.  Here is a list of some famous I Love Lucy quotes.

Lucille Ball paved the way for many female comediennes by showing that you can be funny and pretty at the same time; all you needed was a little practice, a willing friend, and a complete disregard for anything your husband says.

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