Eye Feast #7 - Modern Family

Friday, September 20, 2013

Modern Family
2009 - Current
Created by: Steven Levitan & Christopher Lloyd

Was there ever a truer title to a sitcom than Modern Family? For those that are living under a rock Modern Family is a show about three families.

The first is Jay, his new wife Gloria, and her son Manny. This is the old man marries a young second-wife bit.

Then there is Jay's daughter Claire. Whose family is considered the "normal" bit. She is married to Phil and has a two daughters: Haley and Alex, and a son, Luke.

Then lastly there is Mitchell: brother to Claire and son to Jay. He is gay and living with his partner Cameron. They adopted a little girl named Lily. They are the gay/adopted bit.

Now all this in itself is absolutely genius.

The fact that there are three separate families that must talk to and interact with each other and sometimes have problems with the way the other person is living makes for great comedy.

But I like that it also speaks more to tolerance and the new way of life that America is coming to. I mean, the way Mitchell and Cameron talk about their lives is hilarious.

But they are caring, loving parents and lovers. Why are you crazy people trying to stop them from happening?!

My favorite of the characters (though they really are all marv) is Phil.

Phil is hilarious and is always trying to get on Claire's dad good side.

He is the absolute cutest. Plus even though Claire rolls her eyes at him a lot she totally loves him so they are great together.

Manny, Gloria's son, is wise beyond his age. He will give you the best advice.

Then there's Gloria's feisty Latina-ness.

And her English.

Modern Family is the hilarious TV comedy that newly defines families in a funny, caring way.

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