Second Jobbing

Friday, September 20, 2013

I already have a great, nice full time job that sometimes gives me weekends. I work a more-or-less steady schedule in an industry I didn't actually graduate from but had I graduated, it would have been my industry.

But with my non-graduating and yet still attending college came this big, huge downside known as

Dun dun dunnnnnn.

Student loans.

Ugh. They are the worst. And I don't even have that many. I mean, I did go to school for four years I just never got a degree (that is a rant for another time however) so I kind of came out ahead in the student loan department.

But that still doesn't mean that I am loving paying back...whomever (whoever?) for the lots of things that I learned (because really, I could have done without to be quite honest).

I have bills people! Sure, I could forgo Netflix and save myself a whopping 9$ a month but I'd rather just go out and look for another job.

So that is what I started doing.

Only, it was then that I realized how shit it is looking for a job.

  • All the online applications that probably don't even get looked at.
  • All the putting in of your social security number (is that even safe?).
  • All the answer the same questions over and over. I mean if you're going to ask me to attach a resume why in the name of horseshoes do I have to fill in all the "resume" bits.
  • All the weird questionnaires that I probably answer wrong.
  • All the trick questions about working mornings and evenings and weekends. I mean, it doesn't actually ask if you have another job and therefore CAN'T work evenings. It just looks like I don't want to. Very big difference.
  • Then there are the whole tattoos, facial piercings, weird hair color questions and/or stipulations. I have both tattoos and facial piercings. I don't mind covering the tattoos as it's usually cold inside anyway. I just don't see the point at a lot of places.
I'd let him real estate my house or whatever. 

I am just trying to supplement my income so that I can pay my stupid student loans AND perhaps buy lunch meat that hasn't expired.

Is that too much to ask?

Probably. It's not like I want to work all.the.time. I know some people get bored at home or whatever but I am not one of those people. I can find plenty of things to do at my house and I'd rather be doing them.

But I'm trying to be responsible and pay things off and have more in my savings account than a 1.53$.

I mean, my first-world-problems were hard when it came time to decide to go to the Nine Inch Nails concert or see The Book of Mormon. (NIN won because the tickets were about 60$ cheaper per person).

Also, (another first-world problem) I'd sometimes like to indulge in a richer (read more expensive) beer when I go out. Oh how fun it must be to not have to scour around in the dark bar looking for the Specials neon board.

Still, I must prevail. I have only started looking for a couple days. It's just hard work looking for work.

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