Eye Feast #6 - Breaking Bad

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Breaking Bad2008 - 2013
Created by: Vince Gilligan

*I've only seen up to Season 4. Please, don't leave spoilers. Also, there are spoilers in here up to Season 4.*

I'm sure that almost every one of you has at least seen an episode of Breaking Bad and therefore you don't really need me to spell out for you what the awesomeness of it is. But I'm going to do a bit of it anyway.

Bryan Cranston is an incredible actor. And I can't help but thank the casting powers-that-be that allowed him the chance to show his ability. Because he turned from nice, cranky, goofy Dad

To this crazy, awesome, killing machine.

Something I would have thought just a bad casting decision has turned into the best casting decision ever.

Then you have his sidekick; Jesse "Bitch" Pinkman. At first I felt embarrassed for him. Even though he had been cooking meth longer than Walter he seemed so out of his element even that first day. Later, I felt sorry for him. I felt guilty for him. I felt love for him. I felt just about every emotion for him that I have. He is my favorite character because he really has changed so much throughout the whole series and I feel that even though he was made out to be the "bad" influence, he really would have been better off without ever having met Walter.

Plus, he's made the word bitch into a catchphrase.

Gus. Gus was such a badass. He was completely and totally in control. He was the biggest meth distributer and yet he had everything working so well. No one would have thought he was capable of doing what he did, on such a large scale.

So, I kind of hate Skyler. She's annoying, she's in the way, she's a concerned, nagging wife and mother. And even though I hate her, I can see just how important and realistic she is in the entire story. I love the fact that she is in there simply because you do not love everyone in real life. Even though I hate how she treats Walter I have to remember that when you look at it from a outsider, normal, everyday perspective Skyler is the one who is in the right. She has every reason to nag her meth cooking husband and father of her children. She wants to make sure that everything will be OK. Even though she doesn't know exactly how to handle it all, she is trying and I think that is the most realistic of the show.

Hank gets on my nerves too. But I thank him for his great line, one that I say as often as I can even when no one knows what the hell I'm talking about.

This is actually a sticker. You can purchase them here

John and I play a game where we try to see just what Marie has that ISN'T purple.

The whole coloring of the show and what the characters wear is important. While Googling "Marie Breaking Bad Purple" I stumped across this chart that shows the colors worn by the main characters. I would have read the accompanying article but I'm a couple seasons behind. If you're caught up though, give it a read; I'm sure it's very interesting.

The Clothing On Breaking Bad is a Clue to Understanding the Characters. 

Breaking Bad is a great piece of TV that doesn't come around often. Even less so when it's not on HBO or Showtime. But AMC is proving time and again they understand what we want to watch. That we want to think and become engaged with multi-dimensional characters. They understands that with the decline of TV viewership it has to put on some spectacularly good shows to want us to be in our seats every week when it airs. And with Breaking Bad, many people want to be sitting at home when it airs.

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