Joe Legal vs Jose Illegal

Monday, September 23, 2013

I saw this post called Joe Legal vs Jose Illegal, the other day on another blog site and I just wanted to talk about it.

This is the picture the blogger added to her uninformed, angry, post. 
She has since deleted her post. 

But that doesn't mean that I still can't talk about her misinformed rantings.

Firstly, I want to talk about how all her “facts” aren't actual facts. She even states it in her comments.

“Also, didn't say they were 100% facts, who am I to confirm that?”

Well, no, you're not an important journalist and I get that you're just ranting out of your ass. Believe me, I do that too. But to have something with numbers and figures and then not even bother to look at or explicitly say that you didn't actually look anything up. Please. Do your audience a favor. Tell them that you're just a little racist so they know to take your "facts" with a grain of salt.

Besides, it's the fucking internet age. How hard is it to Google something?

[Sidenote: a quick Google will tell you that about half to 3/4 of undocumented workers pay some sort of federal taxes. 11.2 billion came from undocumented workers alone in 2010.]

In reponse to that I'll leave this here.


Next, she talks about health care.

We do pay for their emergency health care but unlike whatsherbutt was saying they don't have expendable money to do it. Most, don't want to go to the doctor in the first place. Do you think that they want to go and tell people their information? To go to the place where they will be treated for some emergency and tell them that they are not actually a citizen? Yes, that's great. Not.

Most illegals don't go to the doctor for a cold. Most, because of their sucky work conditions, can't afford to miss work. If they go to the doctor it's for an emergency. But Americans do that as well. There are plenty of people who cannot afford insurance who go to the emergency room to get treated.

So this is a displaced frustration. Why not get angry at the fact that Joe WhiteMan can't afford to pay a reasonable insurance rate? Why not complain that not many companies are even offering insurance anymore? Why not bitch about the fact that medication costs are ridiculous, emergency room fees are hell, and that we don't have national health care?

The reason most people (illegal or otherwise) go to the emergency room is because they didn't have the money to have preventative care in the first place. And yes, here in America, we say that whether you're white or brown you can have access to life-saving medical procedures.

This is John Green, great author and funny man, who explains the complicated reasons Americans pay so much for health care.

Next up, her erroneous notion that illegal immigrants get free...everything.
According to the American Immigration Lawyers Association this is one of the top 5 myths about illegal immigrants. It is a MYTH that illegal immigrants come into our country and deplete hard-working US citizens out of billions of dollars, according to the Congressional Research Service.

I have a problem with this one because there isn't even any thought behind it. Many people think they don't "need no stinkin' insurance" including Joe WhiteMan.

The top reasons for not having car insurance:

  1. Vehicle is not in operating condition.
  2. Insurance is too expensive.
  3. Premiums are too high.
  4. Vehicle isn't being used. 
None of these sound particularly immigrant-y. And the top three states with the most uninsured drivers are: 

  1. Mississippi
  2. Alabama
  3. California

Hahaha. This is the biggest piece of shit I've ever heard.

You know, those illegal immigrants come in and take OUR jobs! Our managerial, big business, have to wear a suit to work jobs and they get nights and weekends off while us 'Merican's have to work long hours in the heat doing construction, cleaning port-a-pottys, doing landscaping and cleaning houses. On Saturdays and Sundays.

Oh...wait. That's not right.

I don't know what kind of jobs you think these illegals are taking away from you, but they are definitely not taking the ones that privileged Americans are lining up for. Their working days are usually long, outside in the elements, and sometimes they don't get paid overtime even though they did the work.

Why? Because who are they going to complain to? Who can they go to see and tell that they are being stiffed by a greedy boss? They can't. But they have a family to support so they have to work these crazy hours, sometimes in very unsafe conditions doing the jobs that we won't. Don't even act like the work they do allows them to be off on weekends or nights with their families and gives them sick-leave, paid vacation, or any rights that American's have.

In her comments she also complains that Illegals are taking away money from hard-working Americans who should be getting paid 25-30$ for the 15$ the illegal is getting.

Here is another example of displaced frustration. What I don't get is why this is Jose Illegal's fault. She is from California. I don't know what the current cost of living is but 15$ over there probably isn't a whole helluva lot. And why is it Jose Illegal's fault and not the boss who would rather pay less to an illegal rather than more to an American. Is she really under the impression that if Jose left, her boyfriend would be making up that money? Please. They'd just find another desperate American who will go to work the 15$ an hour. It's not about him being an illegal, it's about greed.

According to the Immigration Policy Center, the connection between immigrant labor and American unemployment is practically none.

God! I can't believe those crazy immigrants who can't even speak ENGLISH! How dare they! They must really hate us Americans if they don't bother to even learn our LANGUAGE. They've been here for decades! Decades -- cleaning our houses, trimming our lawns, picking our fruit and they still can't speak English!? God, you would think that on their nights and weekends and with all their extra money they carry around (probably in a canvas bag with a dollar sign on it right?) they could learn English!

This sickens me.

This is why people are embarrassing themselves all over the internet. Because they don't get it.

Getting to be a citizen is a lot harder than it was back in the day. But even so, many people do come into America the right and proper way, studying everything that is on the test and learning what must be learned; Getting work visas, tourist visas, etc.

She says that she despises every single one of the people who come over and abuse our system. But I think that she despises those who look like they come over and abuse our system. Many Americans (read white) live here, have lived here, will always live here and scam our system.

Wow these Illegals really have it made! I wish I could come into America, get free healthcare, free food stamps, free rent, and get paid to go to college! I mean, the way *Kelly* talks about it...why wouldn't they want to come over here?

Oh wait....

Hate Crimes Against Latinos Running Rampant Due to Alabama's Racist Immigration Law

The Ugly, Racist Response to Indian-American Miss America

Even though we are a supposedly tolerant, melting pot of cultures there are many people who don't understand that being American does not mean being only white. This lady sees brown kids who go to school and go to college and she sees illegals but a lot of those kids are born here, making them US citizens.

Yes, illegal immigration is a problem. Yes, things like bosses willing to pay less money to more desperate people is a problem. Yes, people coming to America to have their kids is a problem.

But there is a bigger problem when we think that we can attribute it all to one kind of people. That the problem is as easy as building a fence.

The problems we are facing here in America are long standing, hard, complicated problems that cannot be fixed simply by throwing out a whole mess of people. Though America tried in the 1930s.

I think more steps must be taken for tolerance. There seems to be so much hate lately from people who don't know what they're talking about.

11 Year Old National Anthem Singer Sparks Racist Comments

The Ignorant Backlash to Miss America

Public Shaming Tumblr

It's not an issue of legal or illegal. It's an issue of ignorance. 

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