Kiss Gel Fantasy Review

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

I signed up for Influenster a few months ago and was recently sent my first VoxBox. Influenster allows you to sign up and review, take surveys, ask and answer questions about various products. If they feel that you'd be a good fit to test out some of their stuff, they'll send you a box to try out.

I received my first box last week. This Caliente box was filled with some goodies for summer that I will be reviewing in the upcoming weeks when I finish the samples. But I've already used the KISS gel FANTASY Ready-to-wear nail set.

John and I wanted to eat lunch at a fancy restaurant as a last hurrah to our vacation. I figured this would be the perfect time to use them and add that extra touch of fancy.

The nails come with both glue and adhesive tabs. I've never used adhesive tabs before so I decided to give those a try for the first time around.

The tabs are super sticky and come in their own packaging to ensure they don't get messed up. The downside of the packaging is that the actual tabs are not labeled. You have to keep track of which side is up and match it to the legend it comes with. It's not rocket science but if you accidentally drop them, it'll take you a minute or two to figure out which tab is which.

I've only ever used press on nails twice before with a short length so after using my dominant hand to put them on it was a tad bit of a struggle to adhere them to my opposite hand. The entire process probably took about twenty minutes.

John and I went to lunch and afterward, the movies.

On the way back to our house one of my nails fell off. I chalked it up to user error because the tabs really did feel as if they were up to the job but by the end of the night another two had fallen off.

The weird thing is that they all came off the same hand so I feel that maybe the set was defective. The nails on the other hand stayed put for three days.

After a few nails fell off with the tabs I reapplied them with the glue. This was not only easier but seemed to work better. It took two days for just one to start peeling away from my nail.

The look of the nails are great. They are shiny and the natural nail really does look natural. The glitter added a bit of glam and the black tips ensured that it matched pretty much anything I wore.

The nails held up extremely well. They did not break, peel, scratch, dent, or crack in any way.

Overall, I would spend the $7.99 they costs for a special occasion. I suggest for a longer lasting manicure that you use the glue instead of the tabs - especially if you live in a humid climate. But if you keep track of them when they fall off you can easily reapply them multiple times without worrying about them looking sad or ragged.

I'm sorry for the lack of photos during the actual putting-on process. This is my first hands-on (get it?) review. I'll take more pictures next time, just bear with me.

Have you used these adhesive tabs with your press on nails? Do you have any tips or tricks for helping them stay put longer?

*I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*

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  1. I got these nails too, but haven't worn them, I wonder how they'll turn out on with me.

    diana | Life in German.

    1. Well I would love to hear how they work with you. I can't but feel that I may have gotten a bad set.