Friday, August 15, 2014

Some times even after a week of vacation you need one last hurrah before you get back to the harsh realities of life.

Which is why John and I decided to treat ourselves to a fancy lunch at Bohanans.

In the center of downtown and right in front of the Majestic theater, Bohanans sees a lot of play but mostly from the 40 and older crowd.

Via Bohanan's Twitter

Their dark wood interior, mixed with ornately carved chairs covered in thick opulent fabric make me think of an old man's library or study.

On weekends they have a jazz band play the baby grand in the corner while the oldies drink their bourbon on the rocks and the ladies sip their gin and tonics.

On the weekdays though - it's a quiet place to grab a lunch for around 12$ a plate. When we arrived there were two businessmen and a trio of nicely dressed ladies speaking softly in the corner. Though we kinda dressed up, we still looked out of place as we shuffled nervously to a table for two.

I ordered a mojito and John got something on draft. Our drinks arrived promptly with warm bread and a fresh pat of butter. My mojito was amazing, might I add.

Their lunch menu had a few specialty items and some soups, sandwiches, and salads - all of which sounded divine.

I ended up getting saffron spaghetti with shrimp. When it came out I was surprised by how bright and fresh it looked. The yellow spaghetti seemed to melt in my mouth - leaving the silky taste of butter and saffron on your taste buds. The jumbo shrimp were cooked to perfection in their lemony pepper marinade.

John decided to order the braised short ribs which I thought was going to be a disaster, utensil wise. But instead it was a cut of meat on a bed of flat egg noodles and a ragout. The short rib was so moist that you didn't even nee a knife to cut it.

Both dishes were delicious and filling so we opted out of dessert but I'm definitely not above going there one day just for coffee and cake.

It was fun going out on our cute little date. The feeling of being in a new place that's kinda outta my league helped enhance the feeling that John and I were reliving our firsts few dates when things were still nerve-wracking and I'd blush after every thing I said.

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