Literary Junkies # 6

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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1. What are you reading? Tell us about it!
I just finished Cress, the third book in the Lunar Chronicles. I liked it more than Scarlet but less than Cinder. Finally getting around to some good action. 

I'm just about to start reading, The General in His Labyrinth by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This will actually be my first read by Garcia Marquez so I'm kind of excited. 

2. Do you read one book at a time, or read multiple books at once?
I definitely read only one book at a time. 

3. What is the first book that made you fall in love with reading?
wouldn't even know. I've ALWAYS read. Hop on Pop, Go Dog Go, Are You My Mother? 

4. Do you prefer a physical copy of the book or an electronic version?
I love buying physical copies of books. I can't get over paying two dollars less for a book that I can't even feel. That being said, if it's free or if I'm borrowing it - I don't mind an eBook. But if I like it that much, I'll go buy it. It is easier to read while eating when you have an eBook. But I think all together I've only read 3 books on an eReader. 

5. What are three books currently on your To Be Read list?
One of my co-workers just told me about this book called Enter Night by Michael Rowe. It sounds interesting so I'll probably read that one next. 

I do want to read Divergent because I watched the movie and I can't help but feel that the book would be better. 

And lastly, The Handmaid's Tale. A friend of mine told me to read it a looong time ago and I just haven't gotten around to it. 

I'm always looking  for new books to read. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments and I'll add them to my ever-growing To Be Read list. Also, I'm on Goodreads! 

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  1. The Handmaid's Tale is on my list as well. I feel like you may have to be in the right mood for it.

  2. I feel the same way. I started reading it once but wasn't in the right mindset to finish it.