My Favorite e.l.f Products

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

e.l.f. stands for Eyes Lips Face and at first I had never heard of them. When I came across them on someone's blog I was sure they couldn't be that great because most of their products were less than 5$. But when I noticed that Target had a small selection of their products I decided to give them a try. And I was pretty much blown away. Now I use e.l.f products in my daily makeup routine. Their products, though inexpensive have proved that they are up to the task of keeping you beautiful all day long.  

I went crazy when they had a 50% off sitewide sale and bought Mum and me some essentials. 

So here are some of my favorite products. Click on the caption below each to be taken straight to the corresponding webpage. 

I use Golden Honey. 

The Mineral Foundation with SPF 15. I don't use a liquid foundation because in this Texas heat I don't need something so heavy weighing down my face. So I just sweep this over my entire face and neck. I love the fact that it evens out my skin tone, rids me of shine, and has SPF 15 because I usually forget to put some on. 

Go here to buy. 

I use the Kabuki brush to put the mineral powder on. It's got great coverage and is really soft. I was actually surprised by the softness and durability of it when I first ordered it. I've had it a couple of months now and I haven't had a problem with any of the hairs falling out. 

I've used both Diva and Superstar.
I really love this blush because a little goes a loooong way. The first time I put it on I had to actually go and wash my face because I had put on waaay too much. The color is very saturated and nicely pigmented. Even though it is a liquid I didn't find that it made my face any oilier or that it rubs off quicker. The one thing you have to be careful about is to make sure you shake it really well before putting it on. Sometimes it separates and you'll squirt nothing but water out. 

Go here to buy. 
I use this stipple brush to put on the HD blush and any other powder blush I may use. I love that it gives me more control over the liquid blush. Very soft and I haven't seen it go bald yet. 

I use Rich Red.
This is my favorite red lipstick. It stays amazingly well. I put it on in the morning and I'll still have some after I've eaten a few hours later. The red is very bright which suits me fine but some may find it too bold. Mum puts it on underneath another lipstick color so that when the first one rubs off she'll know that at least this one will still be there. That's how long-lasting it is. It does dry out your lips a bit.  I don't mind that at all but if you want you can always add some gloss or chapstick on top. 

I use Movie Star.
When it's the end of the day I use this lip gloss pencil. It's more like a chapstick than a lip gloss. It's only slightly shimmery and not very glossy, because it's not very glossy you don't have to worry about your hair getting stuck to your lips. At the end of the day it adds some much needed moisture and tint to my lips.

I use Medium.
I have some pretty good, full eyebrows but I do shape and fill them a tiny bit every morning. This kit is perfect because it has the gel and the powder together. Plus you can mix them up and get the prefect color. The kit has a little two sided brush and a mirror which comes in handy. 

I use black. 
I haven't been using this cream liner lately but I do like it. It is creamy and smooth. If you use a good brush it will flow right onto your eyelid without catching. It can take a few tries to get the hang of it but it's definitely worth the 3$. You have to be sure that you close it very tightly every time you use it. It does tend to dry out pretty quickly otherwise. 

Go here to buy. 
I use this brush when I use the cream liner. I love this brush for doing my eyeliner. The angle makes it easier to get to your lids without making your hands contorted. The brush is small and with practice you can get the perfect cateye with it. 

I use Translucent. 
I carry this compact in my backpack and purse for when I'm out and about. There's a mirror in the lid so you can see what your'e doing which comes in handy. I use the sponge it comes with to dust my oily bits with the powder to mattify my entire face. You can use it only in certain areas or on your entire face. It's not heavy and it really does blend in. 

Go here to buy.
When John and I are going to go out and I want my eyes to pop I'll put these on. I love how natural they look on and how they also make my eyes bigger. I've actually never tried the glue that is provided, I use Duo. But I love the look of the lashes and will continue to buy.

I'm always on the lookout for some top-notch e.l.f products. So if you use something that I didn't mention, leave a comment and the next time I order a big haul I'll grab it and give it a try.

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