Things I'll Miss About Living in an Apartment

Thursday, October 03, 2013

1. The Exercise
- When we move to our rental house, John and I will have a driveway where both of our cars can rest comfortably, right next to our house. This means that I will not have to walk a mile to get to my car, which will severely limit my recommended daily exercise.

2. Knowing Which Neighbors Have Kids - Right now we know that the people above us have kids because we hear a lot of tiny footsteps and we even knew when the little one was learning to walk. If we want to know if our neighbors have kids we'll have to talk to them.

3. The Cozy, Intimate Feeling - With both of our stuff in the apartment, the space felt very intimate. Even more so if people were over. Then the space and the mood lighting could help people talk to each other and get into the spirit of closeness since they were practically in each others' laps. Now, when we have people over they'll have to get drunk before they start engaging in interesting conversations.

4. Having Someone Pick Up My Package - When FedEx brings something that will not fit in my tiny mail cubicle they deliver the package to the main office. When I receive a notice that my package has been delivered I have to go into the office where they look at me with a blank stare. As if they've never heard of packages or mail before. I'm going to miss teaching grown ass adults the intricacies of the mail system.

Google didn't have a vary diverse couple, so I went with silhouette.
5. Yelling with John - If I ever cooked and John was in the kitchen too, either helping or just passing through, we'd bump into each other. Maybe drop a boiling pot of water. Maybe drop all the onion I've just chopped. But without these kitchen sessions when else would we yell at each other? When would we exercise our forgiveness muscle?

6. Walking together to buy a 6$ gallon of milk at the corner gas station - Now we won't have a gas station on our corner. We'll have to get in the car and DRIVE to an actual grocery store and pay a reasonable price for the cow drink. When will we ever walk together if there is no milky spot?
For those of you who haven't had your morning coffee or nightly wine (and are lagging behind) these are all definitely things I will NOT miss. Not even a little bit.

The one thing I will probably genuinely miss is the pool. But that is it.

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