New Label: Awareness

Saturday, October 12, 2013

It seems that right now there is so much hate, hostility, and tension in the United States.

I could say because of the government shut down.


Or I could say because of Obama Care.

Or the inequality of LGBT persons.

But the truth is that it is all these things and more. There is always something that someone isn't going to like. And hey, that's fine.

But when it comes to understanding, sympathizing, or helping with the problem posting things on Facebook will not change the world.

Watching The Kardashians (is that show still on?) instead of watching or reading the news will not help change the world.

Every generation is different than the one before it. And in our generation we have to deal with the college tuition rates, the housing crash, global warming, and lower incomes (when accounted for inflation).

The thing is, not enough young people are interested. They are not concerned. They are not knowledgeable about the issues.

When some people see a picture on Facebook with 10,000 likes they think that it's true. That it's real. That everyone else must feel that way. But guys, you can make a picture with words on it too. It's not that hard.

Posting it to Facebook doesn't make it true. It doesn't make it real.

I know the source isn't a reputable journalist but Jimmy Kimmel sent a cameraman out to ask random people on Hollywood Blvd which they liked better Obama Care or the Affordable Care Act.

Many answered how much they loathe Obama Care and yet how the ACA will help them get... more affordable medical care.

Guys? It's the same thing.

And though it's by no means a sampling of all of the United States, the fact that they had enough footage for a segment should frighten you. Because these people who are so ignorant are more than likely people who are going to vote in the next election.

There are so many things American's are fighting about. And yet, so many aren't taking the time to actually learn and understand WHY they're on their position.

We live in the internet age. If you don't have internet I'm sure your school or library does. It takes virtually NO effort to check something: a fact, a date.

But the sad thing is that people aren't doing it. People are just Twittering, Facebooking, G+ing whatever else they see. And yeah, I admit that I do it sometimes too. But you have to be more invested in your future than that. You have to understand that the things people are fighting about aren't easy things to solve. If they were, we wouldn't be fighting about them.

So that brings me to the fact that I will be posting more news-like pieces. They'll be my opinion and if you don't like my opinions that's fine. But hopefully it'll make you look at WHY you don't. Or WHY you do.

Hopefully it will get you more involved, invested with whatever's going on in the world.

I'm a human interest person so they'll be a lot more of those I think. With any luck you'll be able to see things form a different point of view.

Because the number one reason people hate or are scared of something is because they don't understand it. And with all the information we have at our fingertips today, ignorance is not an excuse.

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