Bitchin' About: TVs in Restaurants

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ok. So I know that some of you are going to completely disagree with me on this one but I really hate TVs in restaurants.

And no, I'm not talking about McDonalds or sports bars.

I'm actually talking about fancier restaurants.

John and I went to eat somewhere and while we ate I started talking to him and I started to notice that he wasn't listening.

It's not the fact that I talk too much that he just tunes me out. (At least I hope not.) He was too busy watching the TV over my shoulder. But really, who do you know can just completely ignore a turned on TV?

Exactly. No one.

It bugs me because it's just as rude as being on your phone when someone is talking to you, but unlike your phone that you're able to turn off, the restaurant TV is on all the time.

And it's usually on some stupid sports game. Ugh. Gross.

Are we a society that can no longer go out for the fun of eating something tasty, with friends and family, and I don't know...enjoying their company?

John isn't even a sports guy! But he was facing the TV and I guess it's just more interesting that I am (probably).

I think it's complete overkill. I hate that it's there to appease the people who want to watch whatever game is on at the moment. If you care that much about the game (and I'm talking about smaller, not as important games because I know that when the Spurs play here they are on EVERYWHERE) stay home.

Or go to a place that will specifically air that.

I don't expect BJ's to air the Bachelor so I don't understand why they air ESPN 24/7. It's a restaurant! You're there to eat food and enjoy the company of whomever you're with. The constant flashes of the TV just take away from the ambience.

It's really annoying. I hate that so many places are doing it now. I wish that they would just do what they do - serve food. It's up to the people to make their experience worthwhile and if they can't have fun talking to whoever they came with, or eat in peace by themselves then maybe they need to learn.

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