Sunday, October 20, 2013

In continuing with my Awareness posts I decided to start with feminism.

The word feminism (like so many other misunderstood things) has been demonized in our society.

Feminism, contrary to some people's belief, is not the idea that women are better than men; or that women should rule the world.

All feminists want is for women to be equal to men. To be equal in their choices and rights.

  • Equal pay for equal work.
  • For our opinions to carry equal weight as men's opinions.
  • To be seen as valuable in society, not solely for our body parts or their abilities to sell men: cars, beer, or deodorant.

Yes, that is a pair of boobs on legs because men can't help being "visual creatures".

The term feminism began to take on a negative connotation back in the 70s during the Women's Liberation Movement.
When Women's Lib happened many conservatives - and people who didn't understand the reason behind it - claimed that the movement was destroying the typical family and its values.

Unfortunately, this is still a very real fear for many people who don't understand what feminism really is. 
Women have come a long way thanks to the outspoken feminists of the 1970s and for every outspoken women who has come after.
We work, we get paid for working, we hold high positions, we can have the same positions as men, raise kids...but we still have a long way to go.
There are still many areas where men and women are not equal. These areas include:
  • the sexualization of females
  • the objectification of the female body
  • the double standards for women in regards to sex
  • the gender pay gap
  • the idea that women's bodies and what they chose to do with them are up for debate
  • the idea that housework is "women's work" and that child rearing is for mothers only
  • the lack of women in media - both behind and in front of the camera
  • the victimization of women in sexual assault cases
So, why is this important?
Women are half of the population. Women outnumber men in college. Women have jobs.
Women have thoughts, ideas, creativity that has been stifled for too long.
We need to be able to have our ideas heard and know that they are respected. We deserve that because we are humans. We are not things. We are not property. We are not objects for visual amusement.
We are feeling, thinking people.
As half of the population, as mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, wives - we should not have to fight so hard to convince society that we contribute greatly to the world we live in.
Famous Feminists

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