Eye Feast #2 - Gilmore Girls

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Gilmore Girls
2000 - 2007
Created by: Amy Sherman-Palladino

I have loved Gilmore Girls since it aired. I don't remember how me and my mum got into it but we'd watch it whenever we'd catch it on TV, usually watching the same reruns over and over.

Then, when they were done with the series my mum went out and bought all the seasons.

And we've watched the entire series at least four times together.

The characters are quirky, something that is endearing when you put them all together in a little town.

The dialogue is crazy fast, witty, and filled with pop culture references. They throw so much stuff at you that some of the DVDs even come with a handy little booklet called the Guide to Gilmore-isms to help you better understand their sometimes more obscure references.

The relationship between Lorelai and Rory is great and different than other mother/daughter relationships but they have those crazy moments too.


Paris is the meanest, funniest bitch you will ever have the pleasure of watching on TV.

Lorelai is forever making the wrong decision when it comes to guys, which not only makes for good TV but it makes me feel better for all the past wrong decisions I've made.

Rory is always reading. I absolutely love that they have her reading everywhere. I love to read! Reading is fun! And cool! And sexy!

Rory and Jess. Nuff said.

Lorelai's fights with Emily (her mother) make the ones between me and my mom look tame.

Lorelai and Luke.



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