Our New Abode

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I have been busy, busy, busy.

This past weekend John and I moved into the house. Well, mostly John and my dad moved stuff in but I was there to uh...make sure things went ok.

We've unpacked a few things but there are still a ton of things that don't have a place yet.

It's kind of weird being in a house. Yesterday John and I went to HEB and when we came back to the empty, dark house I felt as if I had to whisper. But then he turned on some music and we laughed and it became more homey.

Before we moved in we painted the living/dining room (they're connected) and the kitchen. It looks better even though we didn't end up liking the color of the trim we picked. There are still other things to clean and spruce but for now we're just focused on unpacking, finding places for things, and giving away anything and everything we have no use for.

The best part of where we live is that it takes me only five minutes to get to work. You have no idea how awesome that is! (Unless you work from home and have a zero minute commute). This gives me enough extra time to watch a half hour show on Netflix.

Yes I measure time by TV/Movie lengths.

I don't have pictures to show you yet because quite frankly I'm too embarrassed of how much crap I've accumulated over the years. But don't fret, once all the crap has a place to call home (or a new home) I'll take pictures.

Because this post was lacking in photos and lame in updates I'll make it up to you by leaving the cutest music video ever.

American Authors - Best Day of My Life (Dog Version)

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