Sunday Social # 6

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I forgot to post one last week but I'm back on track with this weeks questions all about TV shows!

1. What was your favorite TGIF show?
I don't remember what day shows aired but I'm going to say 


2. What was your favorite Saturday morning TV show?

I loved 

3. Mickey Mouse Club or Kids Incorporated.?
I never watched either one of those. I loved Zoom though, is that the same thing?

4. Zack Morris or AC Slater?
I don't know who these people are. 

5. Which show would you love to see remade? 
I know that a lot of people my age are all like "OMG 90s cartoonz yeahlolz" But I tried re-watching Power Rangers a few years ago and it was utter shit. Things always look better when you're 10 and things like the internet and CGI haven't been invented yet. With that said...I totally loved Rugrats All Grown Up. I thought that show was awesome & better than the original.

So I've really dated myself by putting up all these pictures. There were tons of other shows that I liked watching though. Such as:

Which my mum wouldn't let me watch but my dad would watch it on his own. 

I love the one where he enters the food eating competition. 

I wanted to BE her. 

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