Bench Restoration

Saturday, May 10, 2014

So my parents have had this old, metal bench

I don't know where they got it from but it was sturdy and in good working order. I think my mum wanted to fix it up and put it at her house but she just never quite got around to it. So, John and I took it to ours and he decided to fix it up whenever he was bored.

The project took a lot longer than it would have if 1) I would have helped and 2) he worked on it continuously.

But since we weren't in any hurry, he took his time and finished it last week.

First he took it and sanded all the rusty bits and whatever old paint was left on it.

It was all green at one point in time.

Then he primed it.

You can see what a big difference just a coat of primer can do!

Then, I got to choose the colors and he did two coats of each so that in the end it looked like...

A super cute little Mexican bench. It doesn't match our green house at all and my mum doesn't like the purple, but I don't care. It's super cute and I like sitting outside with John on it and Noah at our feet (he's too scared to actually get on it).

I'm pretty bad with before and after photos because I always forget to take the same picture but I'm sure you can get the idea.

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