Mission Reach Trails

Saturday, May 17, 2014

I Love Mission Reach Trails

Now, I don't usually mind walking because of course it's a perfect way to get one place to another. But I hate walking just for the sake of it. Treadmills and racetracks make me feel like a hamster in a wheel. But ever since we've got Boyboy I've loved taking walks with him. I still feel like I'm doing something productive but at the same time it's still easy enough that I can think about the day ahead, the day before, or make up stories in my head.

We've been a few different places walking but I love walking down the new Mission Reach Trails.

I love the fact that a lot of the parks connect because when I start out at one and end up at another I feel even more accomplished.

I love seeing all the wildlife that don't normally hang around our backyard.

Like the eyebrow caterpillars. 

And the little duckies!

But the best part is how much my little boy loves it. 

Everyone is also really nice along the trails. If you go at the right times you might even see some kayakers down the river or little kids fishing.

Now, not only does my boy look forward to our daily walks but I do too. I can't do anything else unless I've already walked him.

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