Liebster Award

Friday, May 16, 2014

I've seen a few of these Lobster Awards going around on some of the blogs I read but I never though I'd get one myself.

But today is that day. Thankfully for me, Megan from Madly Maudlin Megan reads my blog and nominated me for the Liebster Award. 

For those that don't know, the award is given to promote and find new blogs with less than 200 followers. The award-giver then asks the award-receiver some questions and then you pass the award on to other bloggers, with your own set of questions. 

Here are the questions that Megan asked:

1.) Why did you create a blog?
I first started my blog because I'd always kept a hand-written journal when I was younger, but the transition to a newer technology drew me in. Here I could add pictures, doodles, links to other things in my brain. Of course, this blog is nothing like the hand-written journal I still keep but it does serve to help me with my creativity and writing.  

2.) What is a goal for your blog?
I would love for someone to send me pretty clothes, expensive electronics, or vacation vouchers because my blog is just that awesome. Unfortunately I don't dedicate the time to it that people who do get these perks do. So, my goal for now is just to get in touch with people from all over the world who may, or may not, have things in common with me. 

3.) How do you decide which blogs to follow? What is a topic that you love to read about on a blog?
I've been following a lot of vintage, pin-up, and retro blogs lately because I really want to start dressing the part. I love seeing where these people got their clothes or how they match them up together. I also like reading about DIYs that I can actually do or tasty recipes to try out. I follow them based on their content and the way their persona comes off. Like, for example I unfollowed someone on Tumblr because the way they talked made them sound like a stuck-up B. I don't want to listen to that. 

4.) What are 3 of your beauty essentials?
Red Lipstick. Always. Black eyeliner and um...blush I guess. 

5.) What are your top 3 places to shop?
I've actually become really good about not just buying clothes because they look cute on the rack. I've been buying stuff online. But I still like going to Ross and Target for home stuff and as always, IKEA. 

6.) What is your favorite album and why?
I don't really have a favorite album. But I love all things from Portugal. The Man, John Fullbright, and I love to go walking with Noah listening to the upbeat music of  The Hives

7.) What is an issue about which you are passionate?
I'm very big on feminism and right now I'm all up on that net neutrality issue. If you don't know what net neutrality is...go research! Then call up your local representatives and give them a piece of your mind!

8.) What is your go-to meal when you are in a rush?


9.) Since all of my nominations are women, what does femininity mean to you?
What a tough question! To me, being feminine is about how you portray yourself to be - your confidence in yourself. It doesn't necessarily mean being soft or done up. It's about being okay in your own skin, with your own feelings, to say to everyone else - this is who I am. 

10.) Do you have a favorite memory of a person, place, experience?
When I went to school in Utah I didn't have a car so I had to walk everywhere. Well, I'd also never seen snow before then so sometimes I'd walk to the park in my rain boots. Even though it was cold and my legs were unsteady it was amazing because everything was covered in this perfect white blanket. And the smell, the smell was just amazing. It wasn't like rain and it wasn't like frozen frost either. It was just this cold, sweet, crisp smell that you could feel whenever you breathed in. It was amazing. 

11.) Who is your best friend and what makes your relationship strong?
John is definitely my best friend. Our relationship, both friendly and more-than-friendly, is strong because we actually like each other's company. We both have the same type of humor so even when things get tough we can find something to laugh at. And we help each other out. 

So now I'm supposed to nominate 11 other blogs/bloggers but I'm just going to do three because I don't think I have 11 people to nominate.

And now....for the questions.

  1. What do you like the most about yourself?
  2. What is your all time favorite book?
  3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  4. If you could have any job in the world, what would you do?
  5. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  6. Do you have any siblings? 
  7. Do people know you are a blogger?
  8. Who has made the biggest impact in your life?
  9. What can you not leave home without?
  10. You can take one celebrity and one friend with you on a desert island, who would go with you?
  11. What do you hope blogging will help you accomplish? 

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