Kayaking Adventure

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I think I've mentioned before that my Da is kind of an outdoorsy, nature man. So for his birthday I bought him some tickets to go kayaking on the San Antonio River. Well, John and I wanted to try it too so I bought us all tickets and today we finally got to try it out.

I bought the tickets off of Groupon but the company is called Texas Pack and Paddle. The lady who does the tours was super nice and friendly. Her sons help out on the weekends too, taking pictures or watching over phones, wallets, and purses.

Texas Pack & Paddle

We arrived at the meeting place, donned some life jackets, and learned how to hold the paddles. Though we were a pretty big group of 15 only John and I had never been on a kayak before.

The day was cloudy and misty which was actually perfect because it can get damnhot here and I'd rather paddle in cloudy humidity than sunny humidity.

Once in and situated I got the hang of the paddling pretty easily. I was aware that one of my arms is way stronger than the other though because I had to work extra hard to keep my kayak going in a straight line.

The tour was from 9am to 11am but paddling the entire length of the way took only a little more than an hour. But we all were going at a pretty leisurely pace.

We saw some snakes swimming in the water and some ducks. The ducks, though cute, posed the biggest problem because they startled John which caused him to fall out of his kayak!

This was me trying to take a picture of the little duck family but when I heard a splash and a plop I moved...so my picture came out blurry. Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of John in the water or trying to get back on his kayak. Buttttt, it was hilarious.

The paddling length was about 1.5 roundtrip but it was still a lot of fun. It turns out that you can paddle that area anytime, 24 hours! John and I would love to get one but for now I think we'll have to keep renting them out.

The enemy! 

So, that's one more thing I can cross off my bucket list!

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