Kathy Griffin!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sunday was the day of our double date. Me, John, Lauren, and her BF. They were kind enough to pick us up at our house (since we live close to downtown) and drive us.

Before our show at 9:30 we went to Moses Roses Hideout

Sunday was super cold and rainy. So for Texas that means it was like 40 degrees...and rainy. The bar was pretty empty. We had a few drinks, a few shots, and then walked to the Majestic

Lauren had gotten us some really good seats. But then it got even more amazing because....


Which meant that they had to fill up any seats that were empty. And we got picked to move up!!!

We ended up in the 6th row! It was totally amazing.

As you can imagine, Kathy Griffin was totally hilarious, completely irreverent, and made fun of everyone.

Be on the lookout for her special and if you see me laughing let me know!

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