Bitchin' About: Mason Jars

Monday, November 04, 2013

I love Pinterest.

It is one of my favorite time wasters. But after a while you realize just how saturated some things have become in home décor that you just want to take them and smash them on the ground because no matter what anyone says they aren't snow globes, vases, or cups.

I'm talking of course, about the (un)mighty Mason Jar.

I simply don't like the look of mason jars. I don't think they look particularly cool or trendy, hip or stylish. They look like something your grandma gives you when she makes jam. Oh wait, she does, because that's what they're used for.

Mason jars came around in 1858 to preserve food. If you do the jam and the lids right then by the time the stuff cools it forms a tight, vacuum-like seal and the food is good for forever.

Apparently people who have loads of money and nothing to do with it, collect the older versions. 

But since vintage and cheap are in right now, there have been tons of Pinners who have found other uses for mason jars. With very little trouble (but some expense) you could have a house full of mason jar objects.

You're having a small party at your house; so you don't lose track of time why don't you look at your...mason jar clock.

You're guests have started to arrive so you serve them some mixed drinks. What better way to mix a drink than with...a mason jar cocktail shaker.

And once that drink is mixed and chilly why don't you just pour it into this fancy...mason jar glass.


The guests are starting to get hungry though so you bring out their a mason jar.


And of course their a mason jar.


But oh no! It's getting dark. Why don't you light up the room with some...mason jars.


Your guests have had a lot to drink so when they go to the restroom why not let them see your beautiful...mason jar soap dispenser.


And instead of that stupid plant in that stupid plastic pot why not put some nice flowers in a...mason jar vase.


While your friends are sitting there talking, why not give them something to look at too like your...mason jar snow globe.


Like I said, your guests have had a lot to drink so why not make their cups into...sippy mason jars. That way they won't spill anything.



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