Getting Healthy

Saturday, November 02, 2013

I've always been overweight.

My hatred of all sports

and love for reading has made me a pretty sedentary person my entire life. Smartish, grammary, but overall lazy.

My love of cereal and cravings for sweets hasn't helped my weight problem.

My goal in life is to eat at this Cereal Buffet.

But now I want to be healthier. As my quarter-century birthday looms ever nearer I can't help but think that it's time to start being healthier because really, I only have a few more good years left in me if I don't start doing yoga and tai chi now.

This really is like yoga for me because I am so blind I have to get really close to see if I missed a spot.

Of course, being thinner would be nice too but I'm definitely not under the impression that I'll end up looking as shapely as a brown Scarlett Johanson. Being able to fit comfortably (read confidently) into women's T-shirts would be good enough for me.

Lately because of my loans and bills I've been buying really cheap stuff. Ramen. Frozen pizza. Burritos. So even though I'll never be a vegan because...really? I have been slacking on the whole healthy eating thing.

When John and I started going out we used to go to the gym together too. But that was when we both saw each other for more than 2 hours a night and we lived like two seconds away from one. Now I only see him for 2 hours after I get off of work because then it's our bedtime. (We're so old.) And he leaves before I even wake up. Then, on the weekends I want to do fun stuff (before I head into work) not lame stuff like bench presses.


But now that we have a house and a backyard and enough space in the living room that doing yoga will not result in a busted up wall, I feel that I have to get into a healthier way of life...because I don't have any more excuses.

I can't continue to call pizza a vegetable (even though the US does). Walking from my car to the door does not count as exercise (or so someone said).

So today, I tell all of you, my (two) readers, I will get healthier and in shape. That way you can guilt trip me should I not post a progress report in a month.

To help me, I've downloaded the app Noom to my phone. I thought of using MyFitnessPal but I like the fact that Noom uses red, green, and yellow bars to help you understand just what kind of calories you're consuming.

Exercise-wise I went to this zumba class by my house. It may sound insensitive or mean or whatever but I loved the fact that there was older women in the class and not young girls I would have to compare my dancin' skills with. Because let's be serious -- I have none. But the ladies were nice and said they hope to see me again so now I feel like I have to account to them as well.

Anyway, this is what I'm hoping to accomplish.

Of course I would choose to start eating better right before Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, and New Years.

I've served myself; what are you going to have?

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