I am a Sagittarius

Friday, November 22, 2013

Depending on what Zodiac you follow, today (or tomorrow) is the first day of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a fire sign and is depicted as a centaur with a bow.

Which all things considered is a pretty badass way to be represented.

Centaurs were the smartypants in Roman mythology so I can totally get behind having them as my sign. They represent philosophical thinking, clear thinking and focusing on the big picture.

Sagittarians are curious for information and love learning to better shape their idea of their world.
We, apparently, need a lot of space because doing anything for too long gets boring. (YES!) Which results in impatience and moodiness.

Because Sagittarius is a fire sign we tend to flit from thing to thing, hurriedly and never bothering to look back. This flitting thing is supposed to mean that we are athletic and full of stamina. (Hahaha. I wish I had this quality.)

We think and speak too fast and usually end up putting our feet in our mouth which can hurt other people's feelings.  (Happens all the time.) We're easily sociable (I assume unless we're angered because then I know exactly what to say to make you hurt) and love having a good time.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (whatever that means) who was the KING OF THE GODS (again YES!) in Roman times. We tend to be generous and just, like a good leader should. We feel lucky and like to take gambles, which may come from our blind optimism (I don't like gambling...unless it's not my money. I also don't think I'm very optimistic).

Though we love learning and teaching others, we get caught up thinking about ourselves and therefore are known to procrastinate. Things tend to come easily for us, not only because people tend to like us but also because we love to learn and retain that information. This learning must relate to our job. Sags don't feel fully satisfied in a job unless it is challenging, engaging, and forever changing (thrice YES!).

Sagittarians in looooove.

Because of our fun, friendly natures we tend to be seen as overly flirtatious and for women, probably slutty.

The whole restless thing doesn't stop with hobbies, sports, or books but apparently also applies to people. Sags love doing reckless things which also applies to love and sex. In the first half of our lives we look for people to have fun with and as soon as the other person shows more interest we feel smothered and move on. (OMG my whole life explained.) We reject love early on to continue to live freely.

But then!

Later on in life, Sags are devoted husbands, wives, and parents. And we're also awesome because we don't tend to get jealous or possessive.

The best compatibility match for a Sagittarius female? A Leo.


Me: I'm writing about how Sagittarius and Leos go together.

John: Yeah only Leos have the ability to be with them because our egos are too big for you to hurt. 

Match made in zodiac heaven.

We also have a badass picture.

I got my information from Astrology.com & Sagittarius.com

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