Sons of Anarchy

Thursday, November 14, 2013

John and I needed a new show to watch together so on the advice of a friend we started to watch Sons of Anarchy.

I was optimistic about the show. I know that many Facebook friends talk about it and like it. I know that it's supposed to be about some badass bikers but that was basically all I knew about it.

I did know, thanks to Lauren, that main character Jax played by Charlie Hunnam was supposed to be the main guy in the 50 Shades of Gray porn movie.

But then he backed out.

So, like I said I was optimistic but I have got to tell you...

I think it's a stupid show and after just IMDBing it I'm kind of surprised it's gotten six seasons.

Okay, okay, so I've only seen the first three episodes but seriously, I had a hard enough time getting through them.

First, let me say that I love anti-hero stories. I love underdog stories - the misunderstood, broody sexyman stories. Those are great. Characters like Walter White, Loki, and Dexter Morgan that have human emotions and motivations for doing what they do. I get, and love, those stories.

But Sons of Anarchy isn't that story.

In the first episode some Mexican gang rivals burn down the SoA gun house. And I'm left confused because I don't know if this is supposed to be the thing that gets me on their side. Am I supposed to feel bad for the biker gang? Am I supposed to be pissed that their illegal gun operation blows up in flames? Am I supposed to hate the Mexican "bad" guys but love these badboys?

I didn't. And I don't.

The show is also incredibly misogynistic. In the second (or third) episode when the SoA need a favor done they call upon a lady. Not because she's intelligent or good with tools. No, they need her simply because the guy they want that favor from...yeah he wants to get into her pants. Wow. Shocker. She has a vagina and it's obviously the only good she's for.

And instead of being insanely pissed, embarrassed, or offended she's like Ew, really? You want me to do that guy? Haha. 

But hey! She doesn't mind (and I quote) "I'll do him if you do me." This she says to Jax who everyone knows is the sexiest, manslut on the face of the planet and is obviously every girl's fantasy.


To me, the entire show comes off as men being men. And not in any way you'd want your son to emulate.

These are grown ass adults. They are (supposedly) men. Some have families, some don't, but whatever. They are supposed to be fully aware of their actions. But instead they are stupid, barbarous, teenage boys who act on their first impulse without thinking more than two seconds in the future.

For example, while on the road some douche cuts off Jax. That would make anyone angry, sure. You could yell at him, cuss him out, honk your horn, hell, give him the finger. All of those would be acceptable adult behavior.

What's not adult behavior? Finding the guy at a gas station and completely punching his face in.


Again I'm left wondering,  am I supposed to swoon over Jax now? Am I supposed to, like that lady, want him to bed me because he's just so manly?

I didn't. And I don't. 

The rest of the gang isn't any better. One sleeps with some illegal women who end up dead in the arson fire and the gang has to dispose of them because the guy's semen will turn up when they do the autopsy.

I'd love to have that guy on my team. He sounds like a real winner.

The only guy who stood out to me was the guy with tattoos on his head because he kind of resembles this one guy I dated. Minus the tattoos.

Anyway, the whole deal is that I just cannot relate to, or care about, these characters. These men who have absolutely no redeeming qualities are made to be the heroes of the story and I just can't stand for that.

The one and only person I felt any sort of connection to was the wife of Opie.


Opie's Wife.

Opie is the only one who has gone to jail for things he has done. The other gang members have their mugshots on the wall as pseduo-trophies but Opie was away for five years. His wife, not only waited for him, but now wants him to quit that life and live a better one.

And it's hard. They have a car payment and food to buy for their kids. But she's trying her hardest to make it work, taking extra shifts or whatever needs to be done.

When she doesn't have enough money for groceries and Jax's mother offers them to her, she declines. She wants absolutely nothing to do with them even if it means having to go without.

Opie on the hand doesn't like anything that's not easy. He wants to get back with the gang to do whatever it is he does and make some money.

I feel for this woman because she seems to be the only one who understands that even though it's easy it's not right. She doesn't want to be without him (again). She's the one who supported her children, alone, for five years while Beardy pumped iron and yet she is the one who comes off as a naggy bitch?

Another thing I cannot understand in the show is this bullshit guilt card they pull all the time called "do it for the club".


I've never understood the whole brotherhood dynamic of gangs and fraternities (and sisterhood of sororities). Things like people telling me that I have to dance to Lil Wayne's "Lollipop", buy a Tiffany necklace and then throw it in the river, or sit naked on a washing machine while girls circle my jiggly bits are not, and have never been, my definition of fun, family, friendship or camaraderie.

Once again I say...fuck.that.shit.

I don't care if the "club" or whatever told me to hug strangers at random. The point of the matter is that I don't do anything I don't want to do. This whole peer pressure shit should have been done in high school.

And yet, here are men who claim to be their "family" telling them that if they don't do exactly what they tell them to do...not only will they not be a real man, but they'll also be cast out.

I have two very conflicting thoughts and I don't know which one to say first:

So much for family. 
That doesn't even make sense. 

So yeah, I guess tons of people love Sons of Anarchy because they bang bitches, make shittons of money and are manly.

They may be manly but they aren't Men.

I give it 1 out of 5 popcorn.

Extra: This was an article I found on IMDB that I think sums up my thoughts on the show perfectly.

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