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Sunday, November 10, 2013

So, John and I have been living in the house for a while and we more or less have gotten into the swing of things.

The weird noises at night no longer scare me but just about every morning we wake up to this weird, low, throaty moaning sound and we can't figure out where it comes from.

Anyway, because I'm nothing if not a spoiled American I have compiled a list of things I want that would make my life easier but I don't necessarily need (or can afford).

1. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. So many programs that I watch use this thing like nobody's business. It does everything for you. You can have it mix things while you go to your fridge and get the next part ready. My mum has one and she loves it. I think everyone who has bought one loves it.

Aqua Sky


2. A bike. I know that cruisers aren't the best bike to ride around in since they only have one speed but they seem to be the only cute ones.

Huffy Nassau via Target. 

3. A bigger couch. The couch we have I bought less than a year ago and though we can both fit on it sitting up if we want to stretch out and get comfy one of us (usually John) ends up hanging off of it...or on the floor. I'd love if it was not leather, pleather, or any sort of sticky-in-hot, cold-in-winter material.

I would love this sectional. 

In this color. 
4. A book case. I have tons of books and every time I've moved I've left them at my parent's house because my apartments never had enough space to house them all.


5. An herb garden. I think it would not only be cute but it'd give me a healthy hobby to do and I'd save some money by just going outside to grab some rosemary or whatever.

Via Ginger Snap Crafts

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