Finished Kitchen

Friday, November 01, 2013

As promised -- the finished kitchen!

I'm absolutely in love with the kitchen because it's so much bigger than any apartment kitchen I've ever had. There's so much space and the windows and doors make it light and airy. A great place to cook and bake.

The first problem we tackled was this Asian-inspired wall paper border. It was red and gold and matched...nothing.

The border was all along the top of half the kitchen.

So using my parent's steamer we tackled the wall paper. 

Then we gave the entire room a fresh coat of paint. The kitchen was originally white but we chose a creamy/off white color. 

So that's it. And my parents for my birthday present bought us some dishes. We originally only had 2 bowls, one dinner plate, and two salad plates so we definitely needed some. 

Since John more or less got to do his dumb, boring, modern thing in the dining room and living room I decided I got to take over the kitchen with my bright colors and ever-growing owl collection.

The big one is called Owlbert and he's a cookie jar. The smaller one is a set of Russian-nesting-doll-style measuring cups. We named her but I forgot what we decided on. 

So that's our finished kitchen. 

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