My 25th Birthday

Friday, December 06, 2013

Well this birthday turned out a lot better than the last few.

As I already mentioned Lauren, her BF, John, and I celebrated my birthday on Sunday by going to Kathy Griffin.

I worked all week looking forward to my birthday on Black Friday.

So yes, that means I worked Thanksgiving but even then I got two Thanksgiving dinners! (But no apple pie) After work John and I went to one of his friend's house. They sang Happy Birthday to me at midnight which was pretty weird....but totally awesome!!!

The next day John and I went to my mum's to eat burgers at BurgerFi and go Target shopping. On her side of town there weren't that many shoppers. But when we came back to our side of town, John decided he wanted to look for a jacket, so we went to the mall and it was CRAZY. Like crazy people who would just rush past you and leave things on the floor and reverse out of their parking spot without looking back.

The line to Old Navy wrapped around twice! It was ridiculous. So we NOPEd right on out of there.

We came home, ate some soup and rented Now You See Me, which we both thought was A.MAZE.ING.

Then John rang up a friend of his to see what was up. They were at a bar right down our street so we jumped in the car and drove a minute.

We drank and John and his friend played pool while I talked to John's friend's girlfriend. The drinks were cheap but only until 11 so after that we ended up downtown at the Basement.

Neither John nor I had ever been there. It was pretty cool. They have separate rooms so those who want to dance can get their jiggy thing on while those who want to chill out and play pool and watch Community with the subtitles on - can do that too.

I tried a Kamikaze for the first time ever...and it was GROSS. Ha. Never again.


I had some drinks, was feeling pretty good but whenever I got something I didn't like I passed it on to John.

So....even though it was my birthday he was the one who ended up looking like this the next morning.

So it was a pretty fun birthday. And then John made it even better by MAKING me a gift.

He's the best.

I was talking about the owl but John's pretty cool too.

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