2014 Wishings

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Every year. Every year I make some half-ass, lamely thought up, New Year's Resolutions. This year...is no different but instead of being resolute in my convictions I'm going to go for simple wishing, hoping, praying that something sticks.

So, in no particular order, my 2014 Wishings.

  • Be more organized. Ever year I buy an organizer and use it...whenever I remember I have it. I usually go into the store and get completely crazy in the office supply aisle. Then I convince myself that if only I had a better/prettier/more functional planner I would be a more organized person. I have already bought mine for the 2014 year and as usual have written in my birthday. But hopefully this year there will also be dinner dates, fun parties, and deadlines scrawled routinely in the super cute pages.
Via: IHeart Organizing.

  • Cook more - eat healthier. As I mentioned in another post, I am trying to eat healthier and get fit. Up to this point, I'm doing pretty terribly as cooking requires peeling things, rinsing things, and then standing over pots and pans, all of which I am even less likely to do when it's only me at home. But with the Noom app I am more aware of the types of food I'm eating and well, one step at a time I suppose.

  • Save more. Luckily we have enough money to pay our bills on time and still buy some food and gas. However, we really need a rainy day fund. We have to get use to squirreling some money away for when we really need it. Budget, budget, budget.
This is actually the bank we use for our change. 

  • Read more. This year I didn't read nearly as much as I wanted to. I'll have to pay my library fees and start renting books again.

  • Replace my wardrobe. Because I don't have a real dress code for work I usually end up wearing lame, ugly, hobo things. But as it's not really proper for me to wear junior clothes I'm trying to get rid of the 12 pairs of Converse I own and replace them with more age appropriate and work appropriate things. 
You can buy the skirt at: Unique Vintage

  • Learn to sew. There are so many things I could make instead of buy, both for my clothing and in my home, if only I knew how to sew! YouTube, Craftsy, and Instructables are going to be my teachers this year. 

  • Take more pictures.

  • Scrapbook/Journal more memories.
My new lifelong friend.

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