Stolen Celebrity Photos

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I'm sure you've already heard about the "scandal" surrounding the "leaked" nude photos of some celebrities. In the case that you haven't, here's the gist - some sexual offender purposefully went into various celebrities personal photographs, stole them and reposted them on 4chan.

This is completely disgusting on so many levels. I don't even know where this person comes off as thinking they are somehow entitled to these people's photos. This complete disregard for other people's privacy is sickening and with the internet being as prevalent as it is, it has become a bit too common place.

However, what I would like to draw attention to is the media surrounding it.

This "scandal" is not a scandal. Not only is this a horrible choice of words, it puts the blame on the victims. Just like the word "leak". The photos were not leaked! They were stolen! The blame needs to be rightfully put on the person who did it.

None of the celebrities should have to apologize for their pictures. Taking naked pictures is not dirty, sinful, wrong, or as I saw it described in a comment "pervy". These women were under the impression that no one besides those they granted permission to would see these private photos. The fact that only slutty, shameful women take nude photos is wrong. These women have nothing to apologize for and the fact that people are thinking they should is completely erroneous. The "pervy" thing is the fact that someone decided famous nude celebrity photos should be EVERYONE's photos. The "pervy" thing is that someone thinks women's bodies are for EVERYONE to oogle at. The "pervy" thing is that women's nude photos get passed around the internet way.too.much.

To all those saying "they should have expected this to happen", do you realize that you are using the "wearing a short skirt may get you raped" rationale? It's the same thing. People should not have to take such drastic actions to be sure that their rights (to their privacy, to their own bodies) are secure. We need to stop blaming people for taking pictures that they are totally and completely rightfully and legally able to take.

We need to start putting the blame where it belongs - on the perpetrator. And we need to start using choice words so that the idea gets across. This person was not just a hacker but is also a sex offender. The photos were not leaked, they were stolen.

Whether there was a security flaw in the cloud system or not- the perpetrator had a choice. S/he did not have to take the time and effort of going into these people's private photos, stealing the sexual ones, and then going and showing everyone else on the internet. The idea that there are inherently evil people in the world who cannot help themselves needs to stop. The idea that because there is a defect in security does not mean that we should expect people to abuse it.

There needs to be more people saying "this person is a sex offender" when speaking about the hacker. There needs to be more people saying "please don't apologize for your body" to the celebrities that were hacked. There needs to be more people saying "people are not entitled to your private photographs even if you're in the spotlight." There needs to be more people saying "we need to have definite punishments for people who abuse these kinds of security weaknesses". There needs to be more people saying "we will not tolerate this."

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