Essie Sleek Stick Nail Wraps

Friday, September 26, 2014

I am a constant nail-biter. It's a bad habit that unfortunately every knows about as soon as they shake my hand because my nails are always uneven, short, and usually chipped.

I try to keep them polished because I think they look better that way. I've tried all kinds of polishes, top coats, base coats, quick-dry, everything - nothing ever stays on my nails for longer than a day. I'll go and do dishes and when I'm done I'll see all kinds of chips in the polish. I've wanted to try gel polish but can't bring myself to spring for the entire kit just yet.

Well, you can probably imagine how excited I was to be shopping at Dollar Tree when I found these essie sleek stick nail wraps!

You can find more designs and buy them at Target (here).

They only had these two designs but I bought one of each because for a dollar I just couldn't pass them up!

I've always been interested in nail wraps but have never bought them before so I was excited to be able to try them out.

The kit comes with a set of 18 nail wraps, 1 mini nail file, 1 cuticle stick, and instructions.

The mirror paper is just an added bonus. 

Obviously you have to start on clean nails. I used nail polish remover to take off all traces of my previous polish and then washed my nails with soap and water and dried them REALLY well.

You can see that my nails are stained from ALWAYS being polished. 

After your nails are clean you gently push back your cuticles with the provided stick.

It can be awkward working with your non-dominate hand. 
Putting the wraps on is pretty easy. Just place, press down, and file.

I was left with some pretty awesome looking nails that I would never have been able to achieve otherwise.

These nail wraps were pretty awesome. They didn't take long to put on at all. But I definitely suggest you open them outside or in a well-ventilated area because they reek! Whatever the appliques are made of have a very strong odor. The smell goes away eventually but I wish I would have opened them somewhere else and let them air out before I put them on.

Also, unlike the plastic nails, these don't have that many sizes which means some are going to be too big and some too small for your nail. I found that it's better to size down or else the bigger wrap will end up unsticking and will catch on things and fall off. From far you can't see that the applique doesn't exactly fit your nail either.

Hands are weird! I think my fingers are wrinkly & weird looking. 

Another cool thing about them is that they're fool-proof. You can see that I didn't get them completely wrinkle free but from far you can't tell.

They're also pretty hardy. I've washed dishes, showered, typed, and done other daily activities and not one has fallen off yet. Some, like the pointer fingers, are a bit haggard at the tips but still nothing horrendous enough that I have to take them off.

The prices range from 9.99 - 10.99 at Target, which I think is a bit expensive for everyday wear but I would definitely splurge on them for a special occasion.

But since I found them for a dollar! I think I'm going to buy more and hoard them.

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  1. OMG, I am a nail biter too! I am definitely going to have to check these out. And for a dollar?? Please.

  2. Seriously! They're awesome. They lasted a little over a week and I didn't bite my nails at all during that time. So that's a plus. I would love to hear your experience if/when you try them out.

  3. Don't let them dry out before applying or they won't stick. Same as nail polish in a jar...they are going to stink.