Sunday Social # 20

Sunday, September 21, 2014

1. What is your favorite part of Fall? 
I love the sweaters, tights, and overall cooler weather. Being able to walk outside without sweating is great.

2. Do you have anything special planned for Fall? 
Nothing really. My birthday is in fall...but I didn't plan that.

3. What is Fall like in your area? 
It is short (lasting about late October to about December) and I guess the average temperature is like 60 degrees.

4. What is your favorite Football team to cheer for(college or professional)? 
NO! I hate football. It's sooooooo slow.

5. Do you decorate for Fall? Show us pics!!!
We JUST bought some awesome (read cute) owl & fall magnets for our kitchen as well as a huge brown felt owl that I just wanted and have no idea where I'll actually put it. We also want to buy some awesome Dia de los Muertos knickknacks. It may or may not stay up in our living room...forever!

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  1. I love your happy birthday gif! too funny! and I love anything with cute owls on them :p I have like 4 mugs with different owls.. and it's an ongoing battle to not purchase more things with owls on them :p cheers to fall being so close!

  2. I know! I know some people hate when things become trendy but I am ALL UP on the owls on everything trend going around. My boyfriend....not so much. But they're just so cute!

  3. I've seen a lot more Dia de los Muertos merchandise than usual this year - our Michael's and Big Lots stores both had some really cute stuff :)

  4. Oh that's awesome to know. I'll have to check out Big Lots. Thanks!