Another Addition to our Family!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

John and I have been loving our Boyboy since we adopted him on April Fools.

This is what he looks like when he hogs the bed. 

He's super chill, literally plopping himself down onto the floor whenever he gets tired or bored. He barks like mad at the postlady, any big truck like UPS or FedEx, and completely ignores the annoying kids who lives next door whenever they call him to play.

He's basically my hero.

He's about 6 years old and though technically over-the-hill he loves going on walks and running around chasing squirrels and small cats. (He doesn't chase big cats.)

I try to walk him every morning before it gets too hot out. We leave around 9 and make our way home about an hour later. Even at this time of morning the sun beats down, so Boyboy has found a way to cool himself before heading back to the car.

Though John and I work at different times and different days we felt bad about leaving Boyboy alone at home.

So last week we decided to visit our Humane Society and take a look around at the dogs. And wouldn't you know it, we fell in love.

Go check out their dogs for adoption! 

We walked through their dog kennels to see if we could find one we liked. At first we found this huge, super nice German Sherpard but when we introduced him to Boyboy, he tried to be all dominate and manly, snapping and growling.

So next we came across Maribelle.

When we saw her, she was sitting straight up looking out into the window as we pressed our faces against it. Her ears were perking up and drooping as we moved and we could tell she was just really happy and active.

We took her out and brought Boyboy along to make sure that they would get along. Since Boyboy is so cool and not at all aggressive we were able to see that they would get along right off. She started giving him kisses and trying to get him to play. He seemed a bit annoyed with her effusiveness at first but then they went off to scamper.

So we decided to bring her home.

I know I cut off John's head but she just wouldn't stay still! 

She's still getting used to the way things work at our house. She's not very good on a leash and she's young so she's very active. She was found on the street and since it took us twenty minutes to show her how to get into the house we think it's safe to say she's never been an indoor dog.  But she's definitely adjusting to her lavish lifestyle.

She's so cute even if she does drool on the bed. 

She's grown on Boyboy who's showed her where to poop, how to get into the house, and how to jump onto the bed. We'll catch them playing in the yard with toys or running around trying to catch each other.

They are perfect and awesome and we love them!

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  1. omg! She seems like such a doll :) I'm so glad that Boyboy now has a new buddy :) I am a firm believer to have at least 2 dogs at a time so they can keep each other company :)

  2. I can definitely see how much more active and playful he is with a friend so I'm on that two-dogs-at-a-time bandwagon now too!

  3. Aww what a sweet doggie :) Having two dogs is great - they entertain each other and wear themselves out :)

  4. So true! Though we still play with them in the yard we see them playing and chasing after each other. It's great!