Let the Storm Break - by Shannon Messenger

Friday, July 04, 2014

let the storm break - shannon messenger

Let the Storm Break 
Author: Shannon Messenger
Published by: Simon Pulse

This book follows Vane and Audra a few weeks after the end of Let the Sky Fall. Audra's gone off on her own, Vane is training with the Gales who are still trying to set him up with his betrothed - Solana, even though Vane and Audra are bonded now. Vane's running on no sleep due to the terrible nightmares Raiden sends him on the winds at night. Everything is turning out wrong and the need for the Guardians to learn the forth language is becoming increasingly important.

There aren't many sequels that can outdo their originals but I think that Let the Storm Break can qualify as one of the few. This one was filled with more action and adventure and now with Solana in the mix, there is that whole added love-triangle thing. We finally get a glimpse of Raiden and realize just how crazy he is. We also learn a thing or two about bonding - what can happen, what's expected, how long it lasts.

The ending is a great cliffhanger which unfortunately for me means I'll just have to wait that much more impatiently for the next one.

If you loved the first book, you'll definitely want to continue with this one. More tornadoes, a new love triangle tension, and a great ending.

I give this book 5 out of 5 cateyes.

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