BYOB Painting Class

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

What's better than drinking beer while painting? Drinking beer, painting, and doing it with John and Mum!

The Royal Canvas Painting Parlor, is a painting parlor, party center, and classroom. They have summer camps for kids and painting classes for adults.

The Royal Canvas

We all signed up to take a class together. Mum and I have no artistic painting abilities whatsoever but we thought that it would fun to do because everyone does the same painting. They set up white canvases on easels and they trace the outlines of whatever painting you're going to be doing.

We signed up to do Fiesta San Antonio which looked like this:

The teacher guides you through the entire process telling you which colors come first, what colors to mix, what brushes to use, and any other helpful tips they think you need.

It was a really fun experience even if we didn't end up totally in love with our finished products. Impressionism just isn't our thing but we definitely want to go back and try our hand at something else.

The class itself was really laid back. There were mostly women but the teacher did say that the men tend to go quicker by not over-thinking. You bring your own beverages but they provide the wine glasses and small plates, if you need them. They played some Sinatra and Michael Buble type music in the background.

Our class was two hours long and the teacher did a good job of keeping everyone on track and moving forward. They do have some 3 hour classes, kid's summer camps, and teen classes as well.

What's really interesting is that even though you're told what to do and more-or-less what colors to use, is how they all come out different! Here are what ours ended up looking like:



Fiesta Alamo

So I guess I'm an arteest now.

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