Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Before I fall

Before I Fall 
Author: Lauren Oliver
Published by: Harper

Sam Kingston is a popular senior in high school. She has a tight group of girlfriends but unfortunately she's missing a back bone.

The story follows Sam on her last day of life when she dies in a car accident after a party. Instead of going where ever it is you go after you die, Sam keeps reliving her last day.

I absolutely hated Sam and her friends. They pick on people simply because they can. They are only popular because they stick together, making fun of anyone and everyone else. It's absolutely disgusting.

Their complete lack of humanity for their fellow classmates actually sickened me.

The story is pretty predictable in that Sam finally understands that people have feelings (duh!) and being mean to everyone is a pretty dick thing to do.

The only person I liked in the entire book is Kent - Sam's long-ago friend and the guy who has been crushing on her He's definitely the nicest person though I feel that he should definitely have been with someone else. Someone who didn't need to relive their life, over and over again to realize that he's a catch.

Besides the fact that it's fiction, I didn't believe the characters. Sam may have died and become enlightened in the process but what about her friends? She kind of tells them to stop but only halfheartedly and I can't believe that they really changed their ways.

If you're one of those shallow, self-centered girls then please, please, please read this book so that you may learn that other people have feelings. Otherwise, give this one a skip and read her other book, Delirium, which I loved.

I give this book 1 cateye.

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