San Diego Day 1

Thursday, July 31, 2014

San Diego La Jolla
You can read about our road trip to San Diego here.

Because we arrived so early on Saturday we basically had the full day to explore. P has some family and family-friends who live in San Diego. They were gracious enough to let us stay with them for the week. They had also taken some days off of work to give us the grand tour and boy, did they deliver.

The first thing we did when we arrived was head over to Seaport Village.

Seaport Village
Via traceybjenkins flickr

Actually, let me preface everything by saying that in San Antonio the heat is pretty much unbearable. We don't "do" things in the summer. I mean, you get your few crazies who want skin cancer and heat stroke and will run at noon but the most of us only run from one air-conditioned place to the next. It's stupid hot here. And humid. It's like being in a sauna and opening the oven door when you're baking cookies. Seriously. It's gross. No amount of deodorant or number of showers will keep you fresh and clean for more than a few minutes. So if you want people to go to your outdoor activities they better be in the morning, in the night, or in the fall.

We don't hike here. We don't walk to the grocery store. We don't picnic outside for lunch. These things can be done, but they usually only happen in March and November.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way you can fully appreciate our love for the weather in San Diego. It was absolutely perfect. I don't think it ever got above 85 when we were there. And there is this always constant breeze cooling you off and leaving you refreshed. It was amazing. We understood why people were out walking their dogs at one in the afternoon or why hiking is such a big amusement there.

Walking around Seaport Village and taking in all the attractions was just the icing on the cake that was the weather. I mean, they would ask us if we were OK or if we needed a break and both John and I were like "Are you crazy? We can do this all day! We love hiking/walking/running/being sporty."

We found a man who was part wizard/part rock balancer.

And the cutest cow couch.

They also have a bunch of ships that you can tour.

It may sound crazy but we actually got sea sick just from being on them for about an hour. Even though they're docked you can feel them swaying with the water and when you go out onto the top deck you can see the buildings on land swaying too. One of the ships, Surprise, was actually a real ship that was redone for movies. You may recognize it from Master and Commander.

Via 20th Century Fox 

After Seaport we went to La Jolla to see the tide-pools.

And my favorite! The seals!!!

Then we stayed to watch the sunset...only the clouds weren't cooperating. But it was still beautiful.

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