Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Published by: Simon and Schuster

This is the final installment of the Hush, Hush series. You can read the reviews for Book One, Book Two, and Book Three.

*This post contains spoilers to all four books.*

Nora and Patch no longer have to worry about Hank. He deserved something far worse than death but at least they don't have to deal with him anymore. But before Hank died, he made Nora promise to lead his Nephilim army. Now, Nora has no choice but follow through or risk her, and her mother's lives. With Patch by her side, Nora decides that the best way to finish all of this is by stealth and working both sides from within. What Nora doesn't expect is that straddling both is a lot harder than she thought. She'll have to pick one side once and for all. But she can't side with the Nephilim and lose Patch forever. With Patch's life on side and the entire nephil race on the other which side will she end up fighting for? 

As I mentioned before I didn't have much hope for this book. But it actually surprised me a little bit - if only because my expectations were so low. This book was most similar to the thrill I got when reading Hush, Hush with its romance, action, and some plot twists and turns. 

In this book, Nora finally, FINALLY realizes that she can completely and totally trust Patch. With her jealousy out of the picture, the two of them make a great pair and are able to accomplish a lot towards the war-effort. Nora and Scott are still friends, Vee tells Nora a secret she's been hiding for a while and Marcie makes a last minute appearance.

The myriad of twists and turns towards the end of book seem a bit overwhelming. I don't think they all needed to be there but it does make the book more interesting. Some characters came back into the story only to make an appearance, such as Marcie. She wasn't needed at all and the fact that she is jealous of Nora and trying to avenge her father seems a bit out of left field. I know that Marcie missed her dad but to try to overtake the army and feel that she is his rightful, true heir was a bit much. 

Overall, I think the book did a better job that the middle two of being true to what the entire series should have been. Nora was a stronger woman, no longer sniveling and self-conscious every two seconds. Which made it easier to read and not cringe every page. The action had a beginning, middle, and an end that left me satisfied when it was all said and done. 

I give the final installment 3 out of 5 cat eyes.

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