Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Published by: Simon and Schuster

This is book #2 in a four part series. To read my review on Hush, Hush (Book 1) you can do so HERE

*This post contains spoilers.*

Nora and Patch have been dating for a few weeks now. When Patch rejected her sacrifice for a human body and instead became her guardian angel - Nora was sure he could be trusted. She can't help but feel that he is her soul mate and that he is everything she could possibly want. Caught up in all of the romance, Nora tells Patch she loves him. But instead of reciprocating, he floors it out of her driveway and straight to Marcie Millar's house. Hurt, torn, and confused, Nora takes an interest in an old school friend who recently moved back to the city. Scott may be a nice distraction but thinking of anything other than Patch and his new romance with Marcie is harder than Nora would have imagined. When weird things start happening, Patch tells Nora that she doesn't understand what is going on between him and the archangels. It seems that everything in her life is more complicated than ever and she must choose who she's going to trust and what she's going to do about it. 

I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed with this installment. I was so excited to read it and about  1/4 in I could tell that it wasn't going to be as good. 

Nora knows that she can trust Patch. He refused her sacrifice, which meant he wouldn't become human, THE ONE THING HE'D BEEN TRYING TO DO FOREVER, so that she would live. If Patch is sketchy, she must think he's playing a LOOONG con. 

You haven't regretted me onec

I couldn't stand Nora in this book. She plays games with Patch that are absolutely ludicrous. 

If Patch tells her that there is nothing going on with Marcie, she should believe him. If Marcie comes up and says something different why would you even entertain the thought? Marcie is Nora's arch nemesis - you know she can't be trusted! 

Nora pretends to know more than she does and pretends to be super mature but she is neither. There are things that she won't understand. She's just found out about this whole angel, Nephil, human thing a few months ago. Now, all of a sudden, she understands all the intricacies and shady dealings that happen? Puh-lease.

She completely drove me insane. I love Patch. I think he's awesome. So when Nora tells him to get lost and hates him for reasons that are stupid and childish I was pretty much done with it. I didn't think Nora could drop any more points but then...she does by not sticking to what she says. She doubts herself so often it's amazing she can function by herself at all. If you're going to hate someone. DO IT! Hate them but you better know why and be confident enough to stick to it. 

This whole book could have been a page.

Nora: "Hey Patch, what is going on?"
Patch: "You wouldn't understand. Lots of stuff but I'll tell you when I can."
Nora: "Okay, cool."


I really wanted to like this book but sadly it was just OK. I'm going to continue reading the series and hope that it gets better.

I give it two out of five cateyes.

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